Within a global scenario created by the need of transformation of knowledge into technological innovation and scientific production that caters the productive sector through technology transfer, and entrepreneurial activities in order to meet the demands of society and sustainability, the Fundação Zerbini together with InCor, idealized InovaInCor.

InovaInCor is born as a projects department enabling an ecosystem environment for researchers, companies, development institutes and government perform joint actions in identifying opportunities for accelerating and attracting human resources, finance and technology to generate solutions that meet the needs in health or social nature of social welfare in the area of life sciences, especially those related to needs in cardiovascular and respiratory tract.

Brazil is a big market with many opportunities in the Health Care sector.

R&D of new products and services for Healthcare are in demand and has great business upside in Brazil and Latin America.

The generation, modeling, implementation, evaluation and transfer of Applied Knowledge, makes InovaInCor a different partner.



Business Areas
More information about  INOVAIncor  will be available soon